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The dirty truth about digestion & weight loss

The dirty truth about digestion & weight loss

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Stop 2 will be to reflect on really how long the digestion process can take. If you don't understand this you will continue to eat unhealthy and cause toxic overload.

This is just a downloadable pdf for your journey so you can understand the process each bite you take has to go through. The images are just for show so you do not need a Kindle to read these.

I sincerely pray this little detour will help you to understand what you do to your colon when you eat three meals a day plus snacks. Unless you are a very physically active person, work a full-time job, take care of 30 kids, and tend to your farm, girl you don't need to be eating that much!

The issue is not eating the three meals, it's what you are eating. Salad may pass through the digestive system in a matter of hours while meat stays in the colon for 3-5 days. I’ll explain it all once you pull over, grab a notebook, and are ready to truly understand your body is a machine. 

This is a digital product you will download to read online or print out for yourself.

This allows me to keep my cost down for you, thank you for your support!

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