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I am a liscensed nurse with a diploma in nutrition, herbs, blogging, and aromatherapy. I am also a liscensed natural health consulant. I am here to assist you in rescuing your spirit. You will do this by nourishing the spirit with knowledge and wisdom. This will be a self paced journey designed with your needs in mind. Just as your symptoms did not just appear overnight they will not disappear overnight either. I promise to teach you how to activate your super powers in order to rescue your neglected malnourished spirit. Once she is found you will no longer suffer from toxic overload syndrome better known as"disease."/products/autophagy-mountains-a-self-love-journey

Make sure to take plenty of notes!

A Self-Love Journey

A Self-Love Journey E-book Series

A Self-Love Journey E-book Series

Ladies, I am so glad you are here, seriously! I just want... 

When your lacking self love it's impossible to be happy...

Hello Beautiful!!

My name is Shamara and I went from struggling with chronic health issues to lovingmyselfoffensively everyday to the 10th degree!

What changed you asked? I learned everything there is to know about FASTING! I get so excited just thinking about the glow up, ok.

Its ok if you don't know anything at all about the body because if you stick around I'm going to teach you all I know...xoxo

Fasting 4 Life is an ebook for people looking to cure disease naturally. The ebook teaches one how to fast safely, use aromatherapy, practice self love affirmations, deal with stress, and everything in between! Lose weight overnight.

My best selling Ebook

I started writing my first ebook 4 years ago while battling cancer.

I figured as long as my mind still worked I would use it. I have updated it 3 times since then. I ended up going back to school for nutrition, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and holistic health.

Of course with all this wealth of knowledge I was able to complete the entire puzzle not just bits and pieces. This final revision is a true masterpiece, I could not be prouder of my work!

It goes by many names first it was "Fasting 4 Life", then "fasting support manual", now "Autophagy Mountains"

I pray this ebook finds those who truly need help recovering from a struggle! Fasting is the cure to everything!!!

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  • Fasting allows you to go on a self love journey to free the spirit trapped within you. Holistic health is natural.

    Learning to love you again...

    After any type of situation in life that brings you to your knees you have to get back up! Sometimes all you need is a reminder of who the HELL you are. She is still in there!!

    Self Love Blog 
  • You can lose weight fast when you adopt a fasting lifestyle. Fasting 4 Life is a lifestyle change not a diet.

    Struggling with weight loss?

    Whoo wee do I know where you are! My nickname actually went from struggle queen (dealing with obesity) to health queen (new me)! Those dang medications were stopping my body from burning what I consumed as energy!! ugh

    Fasting is an act of self-love 
  • Food is medicine and how the body cures itself holistically from disease. Fasting is the cure and nutrition is the solution.

    Food is medicine!

    Did you know the toxins in processed food gather in the blood stream causing distress in the body? This is the #1 reason to research what is being done to the food supply, read your labels, and pick your poison carefully!! Stick around for nutrition tips doctors never discuss!

    Nutrition is self-love 
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A self love journey tour guide: Learn how to prepare tonic teas. Learn how to make your own products free of toxins. Learn how to detox correctly in order to purge million of disease causing toxins. Learn how to revese aging. Allow the brain to produce new neurons by activating autophagy. Learn what foods to avoid so you dont get toxic overload. Learn to meditate to calm the brain. Practice self love affirmations to retrain the brain. Create aromatherapy products to help with food addiction withdrawls. Allow me to break down the time table each meal takes until it leaves the body. I will teach you the diff. names used to disguise harmful ingredients. I will teach you mindful eating and how to use food as medicine. I will teach you how to prefast and do a 3 day reboot with you. I will tech you how to prepare a smoothie prescripton to break your fast & so much more!! I can not wait to be your tour guide on your self-love journey. This will be fun!
Once upon a time there was a women who did not know her worth. She consistently allowed her worth to be underminded. She loved without measure but it was not returned. Her health was at its worst and her mental health kept her trapped inside her mind. She decided to take a self love journey to rescue herself. Once she found herself she became invincible. She also never forgot where she came from so she could always remember how far she had come. Her self-love journey was much needed and now she can activate her super powers whenever she feels off. She learned about nutrition, tonic teas, detoxing, meditation, yoga, fasting, and prescription smoothies. With her new found knowledge and wisdom she doesn't need validation she is the proof.

Self Love Affirmations

I am absolutely stunning

I dont care who told you your ugly they need to "worry about theyself." Say it 5 times in the mirror everyday.

I am the smartest person I know

I dont care who told you that your dumb your not! Say it 5 times in the mirror ever

My spirit lights up the night

Your spirit is suffering but you are a ball of light. Say it 5 times in the mirror daily.

I am wealthy in spiritual blessings

Although you dont see it right now your spirit is full of blessings. You are a gift from the creator, a masterpiece. Dont forget it! Say it 5 times in the mirror daily!