About Invigorating Miracles LLC

I was a nurse for over 15 years. I watched patients decline medications. I saw the mistakes being made because there was money to be made. I realized I had to get out, I started losing sleep at night. 

I went back to school to become a Natural Health Consultant so I can actually cure people not just suppress symptoms. A symptom is a language in itself but if you don't allow it to speak how are you to know what disease is causing those symptoms? I now ask patients about their stress levels, their eating habits, the medications they are on, what type of water they are drinking, and so on. This allows me to completely understand how the spirit is resisting the dirt body. The two need to be in harmony with each other. 

After I became a patient and was told I had 6 months left to live with a stage 4 glioblastoma, I refused to believe it. I know what fear does to the body so I did not invite it in. I fasted and to make a long story short I have been cancer free for over 4 years. 

I started Invigorating Miracles LLC to become the change I want to see in this cold world.


Take a self love journey to free the spirit inside of yourself. She is beautiful and she loves you like nobody else. Learn what she needs to be free and provide her with just that.

Rescue Her

She has been silenced for so long she has forgotten how to speak. She has been taking care of others so long she forgot how to care for herself. She is craving knowledge, she longs to be free, she is the best version of you. When you find her you will have learned how to activate your superpower. Whatever you do just don't give in to the desires of the flesh. You have been doing that your entire life and look where it has gotten you. You have to do something different if you expect different outcomes. She is counting on you so do not let her down, your all she has. She is you...

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You deserve the truth

Are you ready to be disease free?


noun. a disordered or incorrectly functioning organ, part, structure, or system of the body resulting from the effect of genetic or developmental errors, infection, poisons, nutritional deficiency or imbalance, toxicity, or unfavorable environmental factors; illness; sickness; ailment.

So basically its caused by environmental pollution, our own choices, birth defects, lack of detox days, and lack of nutrition knowledge. How many of these issues can you control to the best of your ability?

This journey is to empower you not to confuse you, no worries we will go one day at a time.

Whats a self-love journey?

Its an internal healing journey to rescue the real you suffering within.

I hear people say all the time "everything causes cancer", or "we are all going to die might as well die happy", or how about "I'll die for the swine."
These are all personal choices you will have to live with whether you end up with clogged arteries, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, etc. I guess its how you want to go out? In pain, depressed, unable to do the things you enjoy, on a bag full of meds that cause side effects, or living your best life until your last breath?
I am here to help but only those who value their lives, who want to see their grandkids children grow up, who want to cross off everything on their bucket list.
I work with women dealing with disease, mental health, domestic violence, and obesity. Together we will transform your life into the one you deserve. No more just surviving after I'm done with you you'll finally know how it feels to live your best life!
I will even work with your doctor if that will help you to follow through. Your body is an Invigorating Miracle and with my help you will rescue your spirit and never question your purpose in life. She is you and you are her, divided you fall sick but united no disease formed against you shall prosper.
  • Learn about nutrition, toxins, quality water, food combinations, & healing herbs
  • Learn how long it takes for digestion of just one meatless meal, learn what meat does to the body, practice turning down food, understand cells and disease
  • Learn how to control stress through aromatherapy, meditation, decluttering your home, self love affirmations, journaling, coloring, budgeting, goal planning, & yoga
  • Learn all about detoxing by juicing, smoothies, water therapy, social media detox, and staying away from toxic energy absorbing people
  • Learn how to activate autophagy in your body which reverses cellular damage "disease", it replaces old cells with new ones "preventing premature aging", cleanse the bloodstream, produce new brains the only time in your life, cure symptoms Western Medicine can not, learn how to pre-fast, drop weight naturally, burn internal fat, boost immunity, boost metabolism, learn how to break a fast, and life after fasting.

I am a licensed nurse with a diploma in nutrition, cardio, and dermatology.

I also have a diploma in aromatherapy, herbs, blogging, and alternative medicine.

I have my associates as a Natural Health Consultant working towards my Bachelors degree. 

You can absolutely do this!

Whos my tour guide?

My name is Shamara Daniels

Read my fasting story... Click the pic below👇🏾

The fact that I'm still alive goes to show I been in your shoes and know what you been through. Its not empathy I have for you its much more, like an understanding. I'm not just telling you what I Iearned, I'm actually showing you what saved my life. It wasn't a doctor thats for sure!

Ready to pack your bag?

You can buy new things or keep the old, but lets go!!

  1. Notebook
  2. Something to carry your supplies in & keep them organized
  3. Crayons
  4. Pens, pencils, highlighter, colored pencils
  5. Journal
  6. Cozy blanket
  7. Tonic tea mug
  8. Water bottle
  9.  Cleaning supplies
  10. An essential oil diffuser
  11. Meditation candle
  12. Cozy clothes
  13. Reading glasses
  14. Your willingness to learn & implement the lessons