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Autophagy Mountains "A Self-Love Journey"

Autophagy Mountains "A Self-Love Journey"

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Stop # 4 "Final Destination"

You made it!!! This is the Ebook you have been waiting for! You finally get to understand why fasting is the cure for all diseases.

We are so close to rescuing your suffering spirit. She is so gifted, loving, knowledgable, humble, and sincere. She has always been within you, that woman's intuition is your best version of yourself. 

When we are born we are introduced to sin, this is where the Ego gets its time to shine. When we start to feel weak or get sick it means it's time to rescue the spirit trapped within. The ego has to step aside, which is very hard!

Every day will not be easy but soon you will not be alone, your spirit will take away your pain and give you every direction you have ever wanted to go, but safely. She will take away all your fears which keep you trapped in your mind. 

The spirit has been here many times before but she can not be free if you do not acknowledge her. She is the reason you can lose weight, kill disease, produce new brain cells, and just live a generally happy life. You are going to learn so much from her but baby steps. 

She may try to overwhelm you at first but just tell her to be patient with you. When she was suffering you were slumbering. Once you find her you will awaken to so much knowledge it may be overwhelming at first. Everything you were taught before was also from those who were slumbering. 

I can not wait to see the positive changes in you, if you do this for 21 days every year, a Japanese biologist discovered you can kill all cancer cells in the body. This is your cure, the thing they told you was impossible! 

Safe travels beautiful & make sure you drink lots of water while in the mountains to prevent dehydration.

This is my best-selling digital Ebook since 2019, revised for A Self-Love Journey. Please understand you will have to download this after purchase and it's over 80 pages. I would recommend reading online or having an E-reader app to read to you if your eyes are bad. Printing this book out will take a lot of ink & paper and the point is to keep costs down for you. Thank you so much for your understanding and continued support.

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