Herbs are thy medicine on a self-love internal healing journey

Best Investments to Improve Your Health in 2024

So many people dying from depression I can no longer sit back and watch. We are in the middle of a spiritual war meaning we have to evolve. We do not have a choice in the matter nothing new happens under the sun. Our ancestors have been doing this since the beginning of time. 

Western Medicine has caused a huge increase in the need for mental health medications and ongoing doctor appointments. Now they are overwhelmed because people are sicker than they have ever been before!

On this self-love internal healing journey the name of the game is to follow God not man. Man has polluted everything! Plastic is everywhere and causing disease and depression. Pharmaceutical companies are getting rich off our lack of knowledge and its not O.K. Doctors go to school to treat symptoms not to cure you.

If you are looking for a cure you will need to invest in your health to survive what is to come.

I have created a list of investments for 2024 to reverse cellular damage. Always purchase your supplements in powder form and add them to your smoothies to turn them into a smoothie prescription.

Prepare tonic teas to create a herbal medicine your cells will recognize and thrive off of. 

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Remember ladies love thyself offensively to the 10th degree and be great not just today but everyday!!

Self love is the best love so join the self-love movement

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