A self love journey is a spiritual path to an awakening. Learn how to use food as medicine, detox, fast, ,meditate, prepare a prescription smoothie and so much more! Allow me to be your tour guide on your self love journey. www.lovethyselfoffensively.com

Take a self-love journey to rescue the spirit trapped within you

Self love is a beautiful journey of finding peace, love, and happiness within yourself. We tend to focus on our dirt bodies but inside of that dirt body is a spirit. The spirit is the pathway to your true self the person you were always meant to be before life touched you inappropriately. 

Allow me to be your tour guide on a self-love healing journey to rescue the spirit trapped within you.

We meet people who fill us with so many great emotions, they make us feel complete, they listen when we speak. On the other hand you meet people who are there to teach you how not to be, how not to speak, and how not to act. 

You have light and then you have darkness and sometimes we become so consumed by darkness whether its from family, a job, a relationship, or religion. Spirituality is freedom and I recommend everyone discover the self love needed to achieve everlasting freedom. 

Our entire lives we are told what to do and what not to do but deep inside you the spirit should be guiding you, not another person.

This is your one life, your one opportunity, your one moment all yours to discover all your special gifts, talents, and motivational speeches you have been blessed with.

When you have been blessed you should be a blessing to others. 

Sometimes we are so caught up in what we see on the television shows and movies but we have to realize its not real its scripted and our lives are not.

A self love journey begins when we realize we deserve better than we settle for. Looking in the mirror unsatisfied with the person standing there is not going to make things better. 

Grab a pen and paper and get to writing the benefits of the life you have and the disadvantages. Once you review your personal list you'll know exactly what you will need to do to improve your mental health, spiritual health, and physical health.

We are the reproductive powers of the earth a force not to be played with so rise up my Queens and take your proper place on the throne!!

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