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The Female Enclosure of Delight known as "The Garden of Eden" Spiritually Speaking

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Spiritually Speaking...

The bible is a hebrew book written by Isrealites for Isrealites not for the world. Religion divides spirituality loves everybody!! I read all religious books to gain knowledge but when I want to praise and spend time with my creator,  I fast!!

In Hebrew The Garden of Eden translates to "The feminine enclosure of delight." Learning biblical Hebrew taught me 10x more than my Sunday school teacher!

Moses was describing the womens body in great detail and all it has to do before birthing a child! I felt so accomplished while fasting being able to crack this code. Did you know the less food you have in your body the clearer your thinking will be? 

I fasted for a good two years off an on to cure multiple illnesses plaguing my body. During this time I was able to decode that in the beginning was the word and it was made flesh. You see that could not be translated from the Hebrew language so they left it out. 

The letters in the Hebrew aleph-bet are the letters of creation. Each one is an amino acid in your body! In 2012 "The God Code" was discovered. A billion letter code in each cell of our body that tell it what to do!

You were beautifully and thoughtfully crafted to bring fourth life gorgeous be grateful! I spent my entire life as a child in the church but never learned as much as I did while fasting!!

So ladies grab your copy and take it to your local preacher for all I care. I just need you to know that you are the temple of the creator. You have been chosen to be the reproductive powers of the Earth. 

Moses was the greatest poet ever born...

I walk you through every single river and detail in that garden to show you "you are the garden of Eden."


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