A self-love journey DIY Binder

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Ladies, on this journey you will have plenty of pintable's to add to your self-love binder. This you will create on your own. Just go to any dollar store and grab a binder. You can decorate it however you please, it's yours for life. 

Anytime you need to refer back to a recipe, tips, guides, motivational quotes, prayer journals, eBook's, etc.. it will all be in one place. This reduces clutter and anxiety! You don't need to remember everything you will just print it out and soon it will become a habit. 


Some ideas for your self-love binder:

  • Self-love Stickers
  • Use tabs to divide sections
  • Use a hole puncher to create an organized binder
  • Laminate important papers
  • Add a planner
  • Add a gratitude journal
  • Add a prayer journal
  • Add affirmations
  • Goal sheet
  • Fasting calendar
  • Create a bullet journal
  • Budget sheets
  • Herb info sheet
  • Create your own binder cover that fits your personality
  • Check out all my pintable's you can put in your self love binder

Purchase a self-love journey binder today and keep all your stuff organize on your journey to reduce anxiety!