Meditate Your Daily Stress Away "A self-love journey"

Meditate Your Daily Stress Away "A self-love journey"

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Hello beautiful thanks for stopping by to read this blog post on your internal healing journey

Meditation is the key to quieting the brain to reduce mental health symptoms. Practice everyday on your self love internal healing journey

I was at my lowest with tears in my eyes. I couldn't hold on to relationships & couldn't figure out why. One day I looked at myself in the mirror and realized it was time to work on me.

I started out with Practicing Dhyana (the act of meditation, an elevated state of consciousness unlike the normal waking state)

I began meditating about four years ago once I took myself off the 30 million meds doctors had me on! I had to find a way to calm all the negative thoughts running through my mind.

I would worry about what was going to happen 2 years from the date I was living in.

My man called me a stress mongrel!! A long story shortened all the way up; I started to meditate as I had read in one of those forever young magazines. 


Take a self-love  journey with shamara Daniels NHC owner of Invigorating Miracles. I teach women to meditate


Aristotle wrote, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Socrates said, “My friend…care for your psyche, know thyself, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves.”

What's the history behind spiritual meditation?

In the Mediterranean region, around 20 B.C. people were practicing what they called spiritual exercises, involving deep concentration.

Today, in America, meditation reached popularity around the 1960’s around the youth counterculture’s quest for enlightenment and self-knowledge.

People began to realize how the growing technical rave was causing stress and anxiety! Pop stars began to meditate and express how much it was helping them to disconnect from all the chaos in their lives.

What is spiritual meditation in general?

Meditation is a calm, concentrated inward journey, accompanied by rhythmic breathing, with the goal of achieving a deeper state of consciousness. The overall goal with any meditation is receiving the reward of peace within your mind. So spiritual meditation is a way to connect with your inner self.

What are the two types of meditation?

  • Modern meditation-Focuses on stress reduction, relaxation, & self-improvement
  • Christian meditation-requires repetition of prayer
  • Sound & Vibration meditation- the cells in our bodies vibrate at different frequencies so using sound therapy can combat stress, emotional woes, and disease

Common meditation disciplines & benefits

  • Mindfulness meditation-steady the mind, clarify thoughts, and reduce stress
  • Spiritual meditation- seek a deeper connection with the Most High
  • Focused meditation- concentration of one of the five senses at one time
  • Movement meditation-movement meant to guide you into a meditative state (walking in the woods)
  • Mantra meditation- chanting of a repetitive word or sound to clear the mind

How do you do meditation?  

It may be a case of easier said than done but many people find that acquiring stillness and quiet in the mind is no easy thing to do but that is what has to be done.

What exactly does meditation do? 

Meditation allows a person to enter a deeper level of consciousness, connect with their spirit, channel chakra energies, as well as relieve pain, stress, and anxiety.

How do I start off with meditation?

When you first decide to start meditating you need to create a safe space for yourself away from others, have an open mind, good posture, and an object to focus on.

 On your self-love  journey meditation candles are a must!!!

What are five ways to meditate?

  • Focusing on a meditation candle "we have one"
  • Using essential oils in a diffuser "we have one" 
  • Using incense sticks "we have those"
  • Music in the background at a calming frequency "YouTube"
  • Chanting psalms 119 "aligns all 22 amino acids in the body for mental focus"

    What are the several types of sound and vibration therapies as well as benefits?

    • Music meditation- relieves pain, loneliness, & depression
    • Sound meditation-clears the mind and allows patient to enter a deep state of quiet awareness
    • Gong therapy- reduce stress, promote vitality, and increases happiness
    • Primordial sound meditation- creates a state of restful awareness making your inner silence a part of your life

    Visualization Exercise

    Palming: Lower stress by covering your eyes with your hands and concentrating on the color black, filling your entire visual field with the color. Next focus on a color you associate with anxiety such as red or orange.

    Finally replace that color with a color that makes you feel calm and safe such as purple or pink.

    My podcast episodes to help with stress relief

    The first step in meditation is learning to be still. Find a nice quiet place to practice just being still and quiet for 15 minutes or longer.

    The second step is to acquire a posture that allows you to be erect, comfortable, and alert. The best way to sit is with the head, neck, & trunk aligned in a meditative pose.

    Always use the same posture, meditate at the same time, and the same place every day. Close your eyes and focus on each part of your body, allowing the muscles to relax except in the neck and back.

    Take your time reveling in the feeling of letting go completely. As your body begins to give in to this liberating sensation, your mind will soon follow. Next focus on your breathing and become aware of how your lungs draw air in and then expel it.

    To truly relax, lower your breathing from your chest to your diaphragm; observe your breathing but don't try to control it.

    The third step as you attempt to keep your thoughts in the present moment, begin to focus on an object, a sound, or a word. 

    Your restless mind will supply many worrisome thoughts but do not fall for them. Let your mind wander before bringing it back into focus. Hear your thoughts but do not react to them like you normally do.

    The thoughts are not what distracts you but your reaction to them. This is the beginning of understanding the person you can be without all the mental churning going on in your mind. 

    With practice you will learn not to react to random thoughts while in that state of mind. You will now be open and attentive to any problem or question that may enter before knocking into your daily life.

    The uncertainty, anger, moodiness, depression, or other heightened emotions you typically feel when something negative happens will no longer affect you the way it used to.

    Meditation also strips off people’s masks revealing the spirit within such as:

    • Inner complexes
    • Immature behaviors
    • Unpredictable habits

    You will now be more aware of these immature behaviors and make a plan to change. Meditation is not an overnight practice. You will begin to become more aware of bad habits by examining them in the light of the day.

    Slowly you will go into deeper levels of relaxation and calmness.

    Meditation teaches you to…

    • Cultivate stillness and examine what's inside you
    • Calm yourself and let go of biases
    • Focus fully on one aspect of the body 
    • Train the brain to avoid distractions and resist endless churning
    • Explore your inner dimension as a means of knowing yourself better
    • Experience your essential nature, which has been described as peace, happiness, and bliss

    Bonus Tip:


    Humans naturally are genetically programmed to daydream and create imaginary scenarios.

    Scientists are discovering when you visualize something such as hitting a home run or getting an A on an exam the individual comes closer to achieving the visualization.

    This technique is popular among athletes and can be used as a way to combat depression & anxiety.

    Enjoy a self-love meditation candle to pack for your internal healing journey!!


    A self love journey meditation candle


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    A self love journey with Shamara Daniels NHC owner of Invigorating  Miracles LLC

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