Depression is a demon but Self-Love is an Angel

Depression is a demon but Self-Love is an Angel


Let me tell you a story of self-love.

Marianna sat alone in her study, sipping slowly from her glass of wine. She pouted at the darkness that surrounded her, feeling the dull throbbing of her depression slowly seep into her heart. Her career had once been her passion, but now it seemed like all she could do was work day in and day out, never finding time to balance herself.

Marianna closed her eyes, trying to focus on the serene tranquility of the moment. But as time passed, she found herself opening them again and again to take another sip of wine.

She began to feel guilty for wallowing in her own self-pity, but it was hard to shake off the feelings of loneliness and sorrow that had consumed her.

In a moment of desperation, Marianna decided to make a list of things she loved about herself. As she wrote down each item, she began to feel a sense of calm wash over her, like a warm bath on a cold day.

Before long, Marianna had filled her entire notebook with words of self-love, handwritten in pen and pressed between hard covers. When she finished, she felt empowered and joyful, like a rainbow wrapped around her.

For the first time in weeks, Marianna felt hopeful.

She decided to do something she had never done before: go out into the world and spread love wherever she went. She walked down the street, smiling at every person she passed and saying hello. She even stopped at a little coffee shop to get a muffin and stayed for hours, talking to strangers and catching up on the latest gossip.

As the day came to a close, Marianna realized that by spreading herself too thin, she had become closed off. She had been focusing on her work, her career, and forgetting to love herself.

But now, she had learned that she could choose to love herself with all her imperfections, and that was an incredible gift.

The next day, Marianna took her love for herself with her and went to work with a renewed sense of purpose. Her colleagues noticed a change in her, and soon she was surrounded by a group of supportive friends who helped her embrace her own beauty.

As they walked through the park hand in hand, Marianna smiled at the sky, feeling like a whole new person. She realized that depression could be conquered with the power of self-love, and that it was up to her to choose it.

From that day forward, Marianna lived her life with a newfound sense of confidence and joy, never feeling alone again.

And whenever she felt like giving in to the darkness again, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, remembering the beautiful woman she truly was.

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