5 Life saving reasons to detox "A Self-Love Journey"

5 Life saving reasons to detox "A Self-Love Journey"


"A self-love journey"

The primary detoxification organs are the gut, liver, and kidneys. Our bowels and urinary tract are also in on the act, they help excrete toxins through our bile and urine. 

The skin helps eliminate toxins via our beautiful sweat glands. In addition, our lungs love their job which is to expel CO2 from the body. 

Ladies, these are the organs involved in our detoxification pathways. They are your dirt bodies best friends. The liver is your dirt body's primary filtration system. 

If the spirit had to pick one it would be the liver because it works day after day to cleanse our blood, excrete waste and metabolize nutrients. If we were to brag about who does the most for the spirit trapped within.

Not only that, the liver helps to store vitamins, support immune function, produce proteins and remove dietary and environmental threats to avoid toxic accumulation-which causes disease.

With the extended support of the elegant kidneys, the liver becomes a detoxification hero. 

Whether it’s one too many cocktails, a non-organic diet, or a round of medication, the liver helps filter and detoxify any toxins that aren’t supposed to circulate in our body. 

There are a few steps to this process. The first step involves using enzymes and oxygen to prepare toxins for removal. The second step is when the body actually eliminates them through bile, stool, or urine.

The kidneys come in second when discussing best friends. They are always there to regulate proper mineral balance, support hormone excretion, flush out urinary bacteria, support a healthy pH, and so much more. I'll teach you it all.

Why's it so important to detox?

A healthy dirt body uses these organs to naturally detoxify, we live in an increasingly toxic world!

This misfortune has caused our detoxifying organs to become overworked, and unable to keep up at optimal levels. Let’s put it this way; picture a water filter that is constantly used. 

Day after day for years and years, this filtration system is running, but it’s never cleaned or maintained. This would lead to blockages and an overabundance of toxic substances. That’s what’s happening to our detox organs. Just because you can't see it internally doesn't mean it's not there.

5 Life-Saving Reasons to Detox

We clean our homes on a regular basis – wiping the counter, sweeping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, and doing the dishes – and we need to be doing the same for our bodies. 

Ladies take a self-love journey to reverse damage to the cells & clean the toxic buildup out of your detox organs.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to detox, or at least why you should consider a detox:

  1. The challenge we face today is that the volume of toxic burden is greater than it has ever been. According to the Environmental Working Group, studies show that the average newborn baby has 287 chemicals in their umbilical cord blood. These are little humans who have picked up a toxic burden without even physically living in the world yet! If this is the case, just imagine how many chemicals we’ve been exposed to in our life that are BIOACCUMULATING. Now imagine the impact that might have on our long-term health.  I get sick thinking about it!
  2. A worthwhile detox is one that involves implementable habits and actionable tools that you can incorporate easily into your daily life. 
  3. Picture a dishwasher in a restaurant. Dirty dishes are loaded in and come out clean on the other side. But when the restaurant gets too busy and there are too many dishes to be cleaned, the dishwashing process will slow down. The same thing happens to our detox pathways when we’re exposed to too many toxins. The result? We can feel moody, sluggish, achy, fatigued, bloated, and more. Many of us don’t connect what we eat to how we feel. Detoxing can make a world of difference when it comes to healing our symptoms and feeling better.
  4. Sugar is addictive. Period. If you experience a daily sweet tooth, you’re not alone. Many say that sugar is the new nicotine. In fact, studies suggest that sugar is even more addictive than cocaine! Although there’s usually a period where you might experience some withdrawal symptoms, a detox can help you unhook yourself from sugar cravings and other hyper-palatable foods. You’ll start to realize just how GOOD you feel replacing inflammatory foods with nutrient-dense options. A GREAT detox will TEACH you important things like what’s contributing to your food cravings and how to recognize true hunger from emotional hunger so you’re better equipped the next time that craving strikes!
  5. Our liver helps break down and remove excess hormones, which helps to keep our hormones balanced naturally. When our liver becomes overburdened, it can contribute to the recirculating of hormones (that should have left the body) creating imbalances that cause a wide range of symptoms. These symptoms can include hair loss, mood swings, and painful periods. Detoxing can give your liver and your hormones the reset they needed years ago!
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