12 Life Saving Reasons to Take a "Self Love Journey"

12 Life Saving Reasons to Take a "Self Love Journey"

Hey gorgeous,

Every women reaches a breaking point...

When this happens and your just fed up with life in general but have no idea where to start repairing the puncture wounds, its time to take that journey.

A self-love journey is personal to the women taking it.

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My journey was rough in the beginning but if I had to do it over it was worth it!

Your needs are different than your boss's, the happily married women down the street, and even the terminally ill women holding on to life with tooth floss. 

This is why I created the self guided E book course that teaches you how to activate autophagy. Autophagy is a superpower only the spirit understands so you have to find her and nourish her. 

A self love journey to rescue the spirit trapped within. She is dying to be free like you and me. Once you free her you will experience internal healing like never before. Invigorating Miracles LLC Natural Health Consultant.

  1. The first book teaches you how to reduce the amount of plastic you use in your home, especially in the kitchen.
  2. The second book teaches you how long it takes for just one meal to move from the mouth to the toilet, you are going to be SHOCKED!!
  3. The third book walks you through a 6 day detox, just follow the plan and you will purge disease causing toxins, cleanse the bloodstream, and reverse premature aging cells. 
  4. The fourth book is "THE MAIN COURSE" everything you learned in the last 3 books was preparing you for this last journey. This is where you are going to free your spirit by fasting for 3 days.

No worries, if you mess up just start over again. That's the beauty of fasting, its free and practice makes perfect!!


You will have to feed your spirit knowledge to free her!

  • Learn how to use food as medicine
  • Learn about what is being done to the food you consume
  • Learning how the body digests food and how long each meal takes
  • Learn to prepare tonic teas for pain & stress relief
  • Learn how to use essential oils for pain & stress relief
  • Learn how to detox correctly and purge millions of toxins from the body
  • Learn the women's body is actually "The Garden of Eden"
  • Learn how to pre-fast
  • Learn how to reboot your body to factory settings with a 3 day fast
  • Learn how to prepare a prescription smoothie to break a fast
  • Learn how to cure diseases Western Medicine can not 
  • Learn how to kill anything attacking the body by fasting

Most importantly enjoy the journey your going to unleash a super power no man can ever take from you.

Fasting is the only time your brain produces new brain cells, meanwhile thousands die off every day!

You have been lied to in order to increase profits so relearn the truth and heal from within beautiful, you deserve this!

A self love journey involves learning how to live stress free. Invigorating Miracles LLC natural health consultant.

Check out my blog at fastingisthecure.com for all your reading while fasting needs! You are not alone...

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