The top 10 symptoms telling you to fast

The top 10 symptoms telling you to fast

Fasting is so intimate yet nobody likes to do it. It will kill all your diseased cells because they can no longer do it themselves.

Fasting is the natural way your body was made to reverse cellular damage and burn visceral fat. The process is 100% free but I always recommend speaking to your doctor before you begin your self-love journey to rescue your spirit.

I also recommend working with a professional until you understand how it works, when to stop, how to pre-fast, and how to prepare a smoothie prescription to break your fast so you don't shock your system. 

Visceral fat is the bad fat such as cholesterol. This type of fat can be internally suffocating. It so dangerous because you can not see it.

It collects around organs, the abdomen, nerves, causes bulging discs, pain, inflammation, mental health, kills brain cells, stays in the cells up to 10 years, causes cellulitis, etc.

A Japanese cell biologist discovered if you fast for 21 days out of the year you can kill all cancer cells in the body before they for tumors.

Our bodies speak to us on a daily basis but many times we shut it up with prescriptions. This does not solve the underlying issue, it just tricks the body into temporarily thinking we listened to it. 

Once the body finds out you didn't trust it to heal you it gets petty. That's when you start to experience side effects. At that point the doctor decides if the treatment is worth the risks involved. 

I challenge you to listen to your body all 2023 and provide it with natures vitamins, minerals, and phytochemical. Your mood will improve greatly and your cells will thank-you!

This is a picture of                     .   I am a natural health consultant who teaches women to take a self-love journey to rescue the spirit trapped within them. I have a nutrition diploma, an aromatherapy diploma, and a herbalogy diploma. I cured my cancer by fasting for 21 days. I did not do chemo and radiation. I started my own company called Invigorating Miracles LLC My company was started in 2021. This picture goes on the front page of google search engine so people can find it. I teach people about aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, using food as medicine, detoxing, and activating autophagy. I also teach how to use herbs to maximize weight loss effords, boost immunity, and reverse signs of aging. Tonic teas arre great a detoxing the liver. Shamara Daniels is online only but she offers health care services. Ladies with disease, going through domestic violence, struggling with mental health, and have low self-esteem should take a self-love journey. The spirit is the real you and she is lost and scared. You must free her to be awakened to knowledge and understanding. I am a Hebrew Yisrealite child of the most high god. I was awakened back in 2018 and was told to heal people using herbs. Allow links to follow all my sites I took my own self-love journey and cured a rare cancer. I want to help people with disease reverse their symptoms. I practice holistic health. Share this image all over the internet for free advertising. Thank you google.

The top 10 symptoms telling you to fast "Interpret Your Body Language"

  1.  Cold/ Flu
  2.  Abdominal pain
  3. Acne
  4. Pain
  5. Bacteria infections
  6. Anxiety/Depression
  7. Fungal infections
  8. Body odor
  9. Acid reflux
  10. Fatigue
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