On your self love journey make sure you pick out the best juicer to maximize healing benefits

The best juicer for a self-love journey

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What is juicing?

Juicing is one of the most powerful healing tools available. Fresh is always best! Live juices supply the body with the concentrated nutrients and enzymes needed for the nourishment and regeneration of the body’s cells, tissues, glands, and organs. There have been plenty of people who have reversed degenerative diseases just by using juice therapy.

Juicing is also a great way to ensure you receive the daily required servings of fruit & veggies daily. Live food is way different than dead food which is what you cook. You see the longer veggies partake in a heating process they lose vital vitamins and minerals they body requires to perform daily tasks.

When you extract juice from fruits and veggies leaving behind the pulp; fiber will be completely lost so you will need to include other sources of fiber in replacement. Fiber is what protects the body from tears and scrapes as food and nutrients travel along in the digestive process. You will need to still provide the body with this protection even though your juicing.

What happens to the fiber?

The great news is since the fiber will not escort the juice in digestion the body will be able to utilize the nutrients, enzymes, and phytochemicals right away without delay! The bodies rapid absorption of these raw juices will quickly provide cells and tissues with the nutrients they need to repair themselves, thus reversing the aging process. 

When fasting or speed healing with juicing therapy you should try to consume at least four 8 oz. glasses daily. This will aid the body into ridding itself of toxins rapidly while replenishing the cells with what they need for rejuvenation.

Choosing a juicer

There are a variety of juicing machines on the market today ranging in different promises and prices. Whatever you decide to spend is completely your preference, but it all falls dpwn to three basic types. 

Centrifugal Juicers 

This is a great juicer for a self love internal healing journey with Shamara Daniels N.H.C.

essentially cut the fruit & veggies fed into them into smaller pieces and spin them in the basket at high speeds. This separates the juice from the pulp. The way these work a certain amount of oxygen is introduced into the final product which compromises the quality of the juice to some extent. If you are to purchase this type of juicer, try finding one with a pulp ejector to reduce the need to stop and empty the pulp. 


Masticating juicers

A masticating juicer is great for a self love internal healing journey hosted by Shamara Daniels N.H.C.








Grinds veggies and fruits into a paste, then spin the pulp at high speed, squeezing the juice through a screen at the bottom. The friction involved in the process generates heat. This may have an effect on the overall nutrient content in the final juice.


Triturating, or hydraulic press juicers

On this self love internal healing journey this is the best juicer for weight loss









cut and grind the fruits & veggies, then extract the juice by applying intense pressure. This extraction method yields the most juice, and also provides juice with the highest nutritional value, because the least amount of oxygen is introduced into the final product.

Whatever your final decision will be please keep in mind these key factors while shopping.

  • A juicer that is easy to clean & operate will get the most use out of it
  • Juice quality is important so choose a machine that is going to give you the best quality juice in order to provide the body with the most beneficial nutrients to perform its job
  • A juicer should also extract as much juice as possible from each pound of fruit and veggies
  • Purchase a juicer with a warranty because you want something that is not going to have you replacing it every couple of months. You want to be able to depend on your juicer so that you don't get discouraged during healing or worst just stop

Preparing juices for speed healing

The benefits of juicing are odiously influenced not only by the quality of the equipment you use but also how you prepare your juice.

Whenever you can you want to purchase organic produce to reduce the toxins you allow into your body. Organic is also more nutritious when it comes to healing capabilities! 

If organic produce is not available, its important how you prepare your produce

  • Scrub your produce with a natural bristle brush and remove any wilted portions
  • Place your fruits & veggies in a dishpan filled with distilled water & the juice of a fresh lemon. You can also use a few drops of grapefruit seed extract and ¼ cup of salt for each two gallons of water used. Soak the produce for ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse the produce in fresh water.
  • Place your fruits and veggies in a dishpan filled with pure water to which 1 tsp of bleach has been added for each gallon of water. Always use chlorine bleach that has not had any lye added to it. Allow your produce to soak for an additional ten minutes, then drain and soak for an additional ten minutes in fresh water. While this method may seem a little odd, it literally destroys virtually all types of germs, chemical residue, and heavy metals. Your veggie colors will even intensify when you use this method. Place produce on a drain board for twenty minutes before juicing. Bleach vaporizes when it comes in contact with air. If you happen to be allergic to chlorine bleach you should purchase organic liquid veggie wash at any health food store to remove the unwanted substances on the produce. (this way is very safe and is recommended by many physicians).
  • Always follow the manufacture guidelines regarding the chopping and peeling of the fruits and veggies.

Important to remember:

  • Fresh juice should always be consumed as soon as it is made. Light, air, and heat initiate a process of oxidation which causes the juice to lose precious enzymes, vitamins, and minerals the body needs to thrive as well as fight disease.
  • If you find you cannot consume all the juice you have made at once keep it as cold as possible without actually freezing it (35 degrees F-38 degrees F). Do not store it in a big container for repeated servings. Instead store the juice in prechilled amber color glass bottles. Fill them to the top as much as possible to prevent any air from coming in contact with the juice and refrigerate quickly. Safely stored juice will maintain its nutritional value for up to 24 hours.
  • If you are on the go store your juice in a temperature retaining vessel such as a thermos
  • Fruits imported from tropical regions should be peeled before juicing, since many countries in such regions of the world do not have protective laws governing the use o9f potentially carcinogenic chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides
  • Pits such as those found in peaches, plums, cherries, and apricots should be removed prior to juicing. Seeds from grapes, melons, and citrus fruits are okay to juice: however, apple seeds contain tiny amounts of cyanide. You should not juice more than one apple with the seeds per day. Remove the seeds if you are juicing more than one apple.
  • Dilute your juices with quality water and sip them slowly. Drink fruit juice in the morning for fast energy delivered right to your cells.
  • Strong flavored veggies such as turnips, rutabaga, broccoli, and onions should always be juiced in small amounts. For example, one turnip would be sufficient per glass of juice.
  • Foods with high-water content such as carrots, cabbage, apples, and grapes, should be the base juice.
  • Leafy greens add many powerful healing elements to juices. Carrot tops and rhubarb greens should be removed before juicing, as they contain toxic compounds. 
  • Juices can be combined to treat specific ailments such as juicing celery, carrots, garlic, and parsley yields a healing drink that treats the flu and other infectious diseases. (parsley is a great source of zinc, garlic acts as a natural antibiotic (1 clove), and both carrots and celery are high in potassium and sodium, these are lost when you have a fever or diarrhea. Carrots also provide lots of natural energy and add a delicious, sweet base for many healing combinations.
  • Fruits and veggies are not ordinarily juiced together due to food combination rules. This has increased the amount of food allergies as well as digestive issues in many people. 
  • Apples contain malic acid which is a compound that plays a role in the generation of energy at the cellular level, which is why they are frequently used in many juice combinations
  • Acidic fruits such as citrus fruits are best juiced with other acidic fruits or alone. Grapefruit is both sweet and sour so it can be used either way.
  • The essential oil in the peel of oranges and grapefruits contains toxins that make you sick if consumed in enormous quantities. Lemons are ok but at times may be waxed.
  • Juice the white parts of the fruit because that contains all the vitamin C as well as a high concentration of flavonoids.
  • Herbs can be added to fresh juice combinations to boost the healing powers of the final product. Use fresh herbs such as dandelion greens, fennel, ginger root, and mint. Other herbs such as echinacea and dong quail, are not as readily available fresh and may give juice a bitter taste. 
  • If you are pregnant, nursing, have a liver or heart disorder, or high blood pressure please consult with your doctor before consuming herbs

Types of juices

Juices are divided into three basic categories:

  1. Cereal grass & algae juice
  2. Vegetable juices
  3. Fruit and melon juices

Cereal Grass and Algae Juices

What is cereal grass?

Cereal grass are the young plants of cereal grains. They are at their nutritional peak once they reach 20 days of germination of the seed, when the grass begins to form a stem. Harvested at such as young age also known as the jointing stage are chemically and nutritionally different from the fully developed grain they would eventually produce.

Cereal grass juices cleanse and detoxify the body's internal system as well as provide the body with energy. Their powerful cleansing properties may cause nausea so it's a good idea to dilute them with quality water. Some are also very bitter tasting so you may want to add an apple or carrots to help sweeten the taste up a bit.

Powerhouses of nutrition, green superfoods such as cereal grasses and algae contain high concentrations of proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. They are nature’s most protective medicine. They detoxify the organs, reduce tumors, and act to overcome all toxic substances in the body. They all contain chlorophyll, the substance that helps plants convert sunlight into energy as well as giving them their green color. On a molecular level chlorophyll has the same structure as hemoglobin, the substance that transports oxygen in the bloodstream. It is known as the blood of plant life. The only difference is the central atom: at the center of a molecule of chlorophyll is magnesium while in the center of hemoglobin is iron. 

The beneficial effects of chlorophyll include:

  • It can reverse the mutagenic capacity of some cancer-causing chemicals
  • It slows cellular damage caused by radiation
  • It aids wound healing by stimulating new cell growth
  • It builds up the blood and neutralizes toxins such as pesticides
  • It binds with heavy metals, removing them from the body
  • It fights infections
  • It improves liver function
  • It helps to eliminate mouth and body odors
  • It is great for all degenerative disorders

Fresh cereal grasses can be juiced only by the triturating method. However, you can purchase dehydrated forms in health food stores to add to any veggie juice or quality water.

Always speak with your physician who has you on a care plan before trying anything new!

Happy Juicing Ladies Your Body Is Going to Love You Offensively to the 10th DEGREE!

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