13 reasons you struggle to keep New Years Resolutions

13 reasons you struggle to keep New Years Resolutions

New Year's resolutions are simply brain teasers!

Struggling every year to keep your New Years Resolution?

Fasting allows the brain to produce new brain cells. This allows you to really accomplish your goals whole-heartedly.

What exactly is a New Year's Resolution to you? I like to think it's a promise to oneself to improve their lives in one way or another for the new year.

Don't say "I will start fasting in 2023" say "I'm going to fast right now for as long as I can." I'm going to stop talking and take a self love journey to rescue my spirit trapped within me.

A self love journey to rescue the spirit trapped within. She is dying to be free like you and me. Once you free her you will experience internal healing like never before. Invigorating Miracles LLC Natural Health Consultant.

Don't believe the hype "talk is cheap."

My issue with it is it's really a trick we play on the brain, not so much a resolution at all. Mind over matter, right? We tell ourselves we want to change for the better, yet we also plan a day in the future to do it on.

The brain just does not work that way once you speak it you have about 5 minutes to start planning & moving before the brain goes on to the next thought.

Our attention spans as adults shouldn't be that of a child's but due to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, toxins in the food, and whatever other horrible stuff we do to our own body, it is.

Many adults suffer from ADHD, and sugar & caffeine do not help as they too are drugs that kills off millions of healthy brain cells. That coffee you love so much contains cocaine and heroin. 

That's why you are able to stay up for so long, no magic involved.

Change today not tomorrow. You don't even know if you'll make it to the date you set.

If you were serious you wouldn't have to pick a date. If you were ready you wouldn't need to pick a date.

So throw out the date right now!!

Were not doing that mess this year...

Start today with whatever you want to change for the better.


  • Health
  • Financial status
  • Parenting
  • Career

Set a big realistic goal for yourself and 3 tiny goals you need to put into action in order to reach your big goal.

If you really want to act on a desire or thought you must do it when you're the most motivated. After you think it you have less than 10 minutes to act on it. How do you know when you're the most motivated?

The most motivated you will every be about something is at the time of excitement. The first initial thought. Well if you think it you can achieve it, right? Therefor do not put it off by procrastinating.

Speaking of the way the human brain works

The human brain experiences so much toxicity it kills of healthy brain cells. Take a self love journey to gain spiritual guidance and knowledge. Invigorating Miracle LLC

At the moment your mind is telling you to lose weight for example that is when you should start creating a plan and putting it into action.

They say it takes about 30 days to break a habit or make a habit routine. Why would you wait until you are no longer motivated such as next week or next year?

Why would you allow the brain to go on to its next thought without acting on the thought before? This causes depression, anxiety, and fear.

What happens psychologically 

Your body falls back into the normal routine you have set for yourself prior to your great idea to change.

When the New Year comes your motivation is just zapped, you waited way too long. Your mind forgot how very important your thoughts at the time were to you.

Then you start feeling worthless or weak because its no longer important to you but is important for you to change. Now it feels forced and nobody likes that feeling!

About that word "change"

Change tends to stay around much longer when we are naturally more motivated & when the change is not intimidating.

Starting with small goals while working up to one big goal is the way to change. The failure to act right away can mean the difference between you walking to your destination vs you being dragged against your will.

What I am struggling to say 

Normally when you want to do something and your motivation is all the way there you don't need any help. Once you wait you will need someone to pretty much drag you kicking and screaming to just complete one small step towards your every goal.

Too much thinking and not so much doing is the road to failure and I don't think you want to go that way.

It is what it is, we are just so busy doing things we don't want to do, spending time with people we don't want to be around, and helping others way more than we help ourselves.

You guessed it, it's called work. Many of us have to prepare ourselves to go out in the world and work a job that we don't like at all, that preoccupies our time.

This year & every year after, ditch the resolution and just start.

Let's agree a New Year's Resolution is an excuse to not start something right away.

A form of procrastination at it's best! For example "I'll pay you back when I get my income tax check."

You know how people say that just to make you feel better; then they get that income tax check and forget you existed.

Thirteen reasons people struggle to keep New Years Resolutions

  • Just thinking about the resolution is stressful
  • Some people are seriously afraid of failure
  • You have not tried the resolution before so you have self-doubt
  • The resolution is too unrealistic
  • Many people are surrounded by negative unsupportive people
  • You need a partner to encourage and motivate you
  • Some just don't follow through & give up way too easy
  • Realizing you can't commit to the time required
  • Not enough money is a huge one
  • Not having a plan put into place is a major fail
  • Not being in an environment that allows for change
  • They made a group resolution and people didn't follow through
  • Life had different plans so you have no other choose but to wait

Are you struggling to stay motivated?

  1. Set goals.
  2. Choose goals that interest you.
  3. Find things that interest you within goals that don't.
  4. Make your goal public.
  5. Plot your progress.
  6. Break up your goal.
  7. Use rewards.
  8. Don't do it alone.
  9. Define your goals & put the ideas into action.
  10. Create a clear picture for yourself.
  11. Put up motivational pictures to encourage you.
  12. Stay positive & practice affirmations.
  13. Break goals into manageable tasks for yourself.
  14. Stay organized at all times.
  15. Tackle procrastination before it begins.
  16. Seize the power of deadlines.

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