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Essential Oil Inhaler for weight loss on your self-love internal healing journey

Essential Oil Inhaler for weight loss on your self-love internal healing journey

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I started making my own essential oil inhalers for my children who used to suffer from asthma but due to diet changes it's a thing of the past. You may want to make your own to help with energy, weight loss, stress, etc. You just take a couple of good inhales and the olfactory nerve  handles the conversation between your sense of smell and your brain. 

Colors include: red, blue, green, black, purple

They are purse-size ladies!! Depending on your symptoms you will place one to two drops of essential oil on the wick, allow to absorb & close. Take 3 separate slow deep inhales counting to 5 while you inhale then exhale, relax & repeat.


  • Easy to Use: Disassemble the inhaler, the cap may be tight, and you can directly pull up the cap by force(cannot open by twisting please pull up). Then insert a wick into the glass, drip your favorite oils
  • High Quality: Smooth aluminum nasal inhalers, with inside refillable glass inhaler tubes, ideal for storing Essential Oils, just say no to plastic!
  • DIY Gifts: Comes 5 personal inhalers, with adorable colors: red, blue, green, black, and purple. Plus 10 absorbent cotton wicks, enjoy home-made essential oils, also the best gifts given to family members
  • Mini Size: Each nasal inhaler is 3.5in x 0.7 in, lipstick size, very convenient and portable, just put the essential oil nasal inhaler in a pocket, purse, office, backpack, traveling
  • Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle: The refillable inhalers are fun and practical, not only used for Essential Oils, but also with eucalyptus oil, salts, or other ingredients, will stay in good condition anytime anywhere  you need a - energy, relaxation, or mood booster

Widely Used Holistically for:
Great for sinus problems
Helpful in offering sniffs to animals and humans
Great for teaching aromatherapy
Useful especially in the cold season, for immune support
Fill with eucalyptus oil to help with asthma problem
Energy motivation, wake-up, stress relief

Easy to Install Nasal Inhaler
1. disassemble the inhaler(the metallic cap is tight, unscrew it and slowly open it along the gap )
2. Put wick into nasal inhaler tubes
3. Apply drops of oil onto the wick
4. Reassemble your inhaler

Easy to Replace
If you want to use a different oil, use the tweezer to take the wick out and soak the glass bottle in soapy water. Use a new cotton wick and apply oils

Package Include:
5 x Aluminum Nasal Inhaler
10x Cotton wicks

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