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The dirty on digestion

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When you eat do you ever think about how much work the body has to do in order to be able to digest those complex meals? I mean you have people who eat like rabbits and their metabolism is on point and they digest food very easily!

On the other hand you have people who love complex foods such as fast food, GMO food better known as processed food and meats. The body has a hard time breaking these foods down to their smallest components to be utilized by the cells. 

Food scientist are being hired by big brand food companies to create the perfect flavor combination to activate the pleasure center of your brain. This creates what we call a food addiction. You will know when you are hooked because just like any addict you will feel the urge to get high off your snack supply!

Anytime you say you can't give up something you are addicted, simple as that. Prior to fasting I could never pass up the chance to grab something sweet at the register. Today I don't look once to look twice if you know what I mean...

The easier you make this job the better your health will be overall! Replace some bad foods you love with healthier versions. Take it one day at a time but eventually work yourself up to do a reboot fast to allow the body to stop craving unhealthy foods and start craving nutrient rich foods.



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