Struggling With Weight-loss Box
Struggling With Weight-loss Box
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Struggling With Weight-loss Box

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Bye Bye Belly Body Butter & Bye Bye Cravings Spray With Smoothie Boosting Pack & Wax Keepsake Box

This box is for people who are fasting having trouble with cravings. When we naturally have leftovers in our bodies we shouldn't be feeling hungry. What happens is the chemicals in the products we consume cause an addiction in the brain just like any drug. Controlling this addiction is very hard because your body has been rewired and is no longer operating correctly. The body is a machine and it was made to consume natural food but our food supply is far from that these days.  Fasting will always be the cure because it resets the body back to factory settings and gives you another chance to get your health right! Fasting promotes growth hormone and rids the body of old damaged cells and replaces them with brand new healthy fully functional ones. Our bodies are made up of cells so this is a huge deal!! 


The result of what man has done is clear when you look at all the plastic in the ocean in which the fish we eat consume. Did you know plastic just breaks down into smaller pieces and never really disappears? When you see the fruits and veggies are extremely large and natural-looking. When more people are taking a brown bag full of meds instead of eating healthy and exercising. The world is full of zombies and it's due to the natural interruption of the way our bodies heal us. Take back control of your life by reading and researching everything you consume, fasting, using natural products, exercise, and loving yourself offensively to the tenth degree!!

Bye-Bye Cravings Spray is specially blended using nature’s most precious plants to control the urge to gorge. If your hungry there is nothing you can do but feed your body the nutrition it requires. Did you know overeating causes your hunger hormone to become overactive? Your body only reacts to your loving-kindness or your neglect. When you intentionally eat even though you are not hungry the body becomes confused. This confusion leads to not being able to recognize the symptoms of full and hungry. In order to control this until your fast fixes the recognition of hunger, you can use this spray. This spray sends a message to the brain that you already ate or your eating leftovers for today. The body was meant to survive off leftovers but due to food being so plentiful we rarely give our body the chance to do this.

Directions:  This spray does not include any unnatural chemicals so shake well before each use. You can spray this on yourself, your clothes, linen, in the air, on cotton balls, etc. The purpose is to take deep breaths so the fragrance combination can send the correct signal to the brain to control unwanted cravings. Don’t be shy, sniff away...xoxo

Ingredients: Filtered water, alcohol, cinnamon stick, mint leaves, grapefruit oil, cinnamon oil, lemon oil, black pepper oil, ginger oil, sea moss

Bye-Bye Belly Body Butter is a body butter specifically for fatty areas, not just the abdomen. The oils I use are specific to target confused fat cells. Our bodies do need these cells but sometimes we overeat and accumulate too many mentally slow and overly hungry cells that hold on to depression, hunger, confusion, hurt, anxiety, anger and so much more! This is called visceral fat and it’s dangerous because you can’t see it, it lives inside our bodies. You ever heard of a fatty liver, diabetes, bulging disc, sciatica, and many more issues caused by visceral fat. 

If you have any of these issues feel free to rub this body butter on those areas after a hot shower or bath to allow the skin to absorb the oils inside.

Directions:  When you receive your body butter due to environmental changes not under my control it may arrive melted. If this is the case all my products are made from the earth so I don’t add in toxins that may extend shelf life or keep it firm. Please place it in the refrigerator for about an hour and use it. You can keep it refrigerated if your temperature is too hot where you live. Place it anywhere you have accumulated an overproduction of fat cells except the face. Butters can clog facial pores and cause acne, we do not want that. Always test any product on your feet to be sure there are no allergies. Should you have an allergic reaction call your doctor right away and give him the list of ingredients.

Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E oil, almond oil, mango butter, carrot oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, shea butter, avocado oil, aloe vera gel, grapeseed oil, rose oil, grapefruit oil, vanilla oil, cinnamon oil, cinnamon, black pepper oil, ginger oil

Break Your Fast Smoothie Boosting Pack

This pack contains a special blend of natural ingredients that will put back essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals into your body via smoothie after completing a three-day detox fast to promote autophagy. If your on any meds I always recommend speaking with your doctor because some synthetic medications can interact with natural remedies, unfortunately. 

Directions: Pour the contents of this package into a healthy smoothie. Use non-dairy milk and honey or agave for added sweetness.

Ingredients: Moringa Powder, Goji Berries, Vitamin C Powder, Vitamin D Powder, Beet Root Powder, Flax Seeds, Sea Moss powder & Bladder wrack powder, Collagen Powder, Biotin Powder. Lemon balm

Female Wax Figure Keepsake "The Body Is A Temple"

Sometimes a little keepsake reminder of what our bodies should look like or close to it can be beneficial. You know how some people keep photos of when they were thinner that's the idea. 

This is a soy candle without a wick to remind you that your body is a temple of The Most High! The figure represents a woman in the garden of Eden before the fall of sin. The bible is a Hebrew book and that means it tells a spiritual story when you learn biblical Hebrew as I have. In Hebrew, the garden is "The feminine enclosure of Delight" in English "The garden of Eden" see the difference in how one may come to understand the book differently if there is little to no understanding of the original language? You can find the full explanation here, I pray you enjoy reading it as I enjoyed interpreting it!  Protect your keepsake as she is there to watch over & protect you from negative energy. Just like a vacuum cleaner, the oils used to make her are said to clean your home of evil, negativity, and any weapon formed against you while fasting! 

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