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Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Wash for "A self love journey"

Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Wash for "A self love journey"

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I do not use any other brand to wash my fruits and veggies. I only use distilled water never tap. Reduce toxic overload while on this journey and do not go backwards.

  • FRESH & CLEAN: Rebel Green's natural produce cleaner is the best on the market. Our unique formula effectively washes your fruits and vegetables using only clean ingredients you can trust.
  • ZERO AFTERTASTE: This vegetable and fruit wash effectively releases surface particles and leaves no aftertaste, allowing you to enjoy your tasty greens with the knowledge that they are completely rinsed clean, the way they were meant to be.
  • SAFE INGREDIENTS: Our kosher, plant-derived vegetable wash is made with pure organic citrus extract. This natural formula contains no parabens, preservatives, or other harsh ingredients for your wellness and peace of mind.
  • EASY TO USE: Not only is our fresh produce wash safe and effective, it's also easy to use! Simply spray our Fruit & Veggie Wash on your fruit or greens, rub gently, and rinse clean with cold water.
  • SUSTAINABLY FOCUSED: With over 1,000,000 bottles sold to happy customers, Rebel Green's stylish, environmentally conscious containers are responsibly made with fully recyclable materials; A green alternative that gives back to our planet.

Rebel Green’s Naturally Powered Veggie Wash The perfect combination of science and natural ingredients, Rebel Green’s Veggie Wash is inspired by nature and made with non-toxic, top-grade ingredients. Effective formula A powerful and effective blend that will keep your greens clean and ready to eat. Our natural formula provides a full cleanse without adding any kind of aftertaste or smell to your food. Our produce cleaner is very easy to use; simply spray on your fruits and vegetables, rub gently, and wash clean with cold water.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative Rebel Green believes in building a safer, cleaner planet for you and your family. By replacing traditional, harsh cleaning products with our line of natural, sustainable cleaners, you’ll be helping the environment as well as your own family and community by leading them into a healthier lifestyle. Our Mission In 2008, Melina and Ali, each with a whole bunch of their own kids, set out to change the world through natural cleaning. The mission was simple. Make natural cleaning products that will transform the conventional shopper into a natural one without sacrificing efficacy. In order to affect that change, they made the best quality products, with award-winning packaging at a price point that competes with conventional brands. 15 years later, this family is still working hard to get your family products with transparent ingredient lists and big, huge hugs to the planet and your pocketbook. We hope you love them as much as we love you.

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