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Purple Irish Sea Moss for "Prescription Smoothie"

Purple Irish Sea Moss for "Prescription Smoothie"

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Of course, you want to get your minerals because the ground is so tainted!! Make the sea moss yourself and add it to your daily prescription smoothies AKA your internal cleaning solution. Get that rust like covering off those cells ladies!

  • NATURAL SOURCE OF MINERALS: Unadulterated Irish Sea Moss is believed to have 90+ minerals like iodine, zinc, calcium, potassium, sulfur, iron, and silica. We have chosen high-quality Chondrus crispus plants to deliver premium products.
  • SUN-DRIED IN SPECIAL CARE: Sea Moss is naturally colored, but it loses its color during the sun-drying process. So multicolored sea moss is dried and protected under special care for it to retain its colors. The sea moss might feel a little raw than others but that is a result of the special preservation process.
  • PURPLE SEA MOSS: The Purple Sea Moss is of a special kind because it is a rare find at the coast of St. Lucia. It is rich in Antioxidants commonly found in purple vegetables. It is generally dried in the dark to keep its color intact and avoid bleaching under the sun.
  • A SUPPLEMENT: Our sea moss is inspired by Dr Sebi. Sea Moss gel can be used as a supplement and can be added to various skin products for better results. The gel is all-natural with no preservatives or added chemicals.
  • EASY TO FIT IN YOUR SCHEDULE: Sea moss can also be used with various food items too. Ideal to make organic sea moss gel face masks, sea moss bar soap, Irish sea moss smoothies & salads 
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