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Plastic Toxicity Awareness

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We all know what is happening in the world with the ocean life! You have sea creatures choking on plastic, clogging breathing holes, and contaminating the food we eat. 

When we eat fish we have to be aware of all the plastic in the oceans. I put together a pdf of all the toxins plastic contains. Many times the medical issues you are dealing with are due to toxicity overload which western medicine classify as disease. 

Research the side effects of ingesting to much of these toxins and match your symptoms. You are going to be shocked by how many symptoms you are suffering with at this time due to using to much plastic in your life!

Think about how you purchase food in plastic, bag up our groceries in plastic, meal prep using plastic containers, sort things using storage bags which are plastic and so on. 

You see the issue is we are not only consuming it we are living and breathing it to adjust to our busy lifestyles!


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