Pain Relief & Exfoliation "The Perfect Combination"
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Pain Relief & Exfoliation "The Perfect Combination"

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Pain Relief & Exfoliation The Perfect Combination

This is a special box for people suffering from pain with delicate skin such as older people. Every detox soak I make comes with a bucket candle & an all-natural shea butter soap as a gift. Candles naturally promote relaxation but this special candle also purifies the air you breathe in. Turn on some relaxing music and tell everyone in your home you will need the bathroom for a good 45 minutes to yourself. We have to learn to make me-time no matter what life throws our way because the results can be harmful to our health. Nobody should love you more than you do and it should reflect in your life, your appearance, and your health. You can use this soak once a week to relieve pain, add moisture to the skin, detox from toxicity, cure fatigue, and restlessness, ease anxiety, etc. This is a one-time use soak package so use it when you truly need pain relief in addition to what you're already doing. 

Bye Bye Pain Soak is an important member of the invigorating miracles pain relief family. This soak is specially made for people with chronic pain and inflammation. People who have been addicted to pain pills because they legit needed pain relief. People whose body has been used and abused and you don't know where else to go. This bath soak is a safe complementary home alternative to oral medication. However, discuss your options with a doctor before using this remedy to treat infections and other health conditions. People with diabetes, kidney disease, or heart problems, or who are pregnant should talk to their doctor before using any bath soak.


Pour the entire contents of the package into a hot bath you can tolerate. Break apart any clumps for even distribution with hands. Light your bucket candle and place it on a side of the tub that won't get wet.  Turn off the lights and turn on some YouTube relaxing sounds music. Get into the tub and soak for 20-30 minutes. After, take a shower with your all-natural shea butter soap for added moisturizing benefits. Remember, you just took a bath in all-natural products so do not use a toxic soap it will absorb into the bloodstream blocking the benefits of the all-natural products. Use invigorating miracle’s magnesium lotion after for maximum pain relief benefits.

Ingredients: magnesium flakes, baking soda, Epsom salt, dead sea salt, black seed oil, hemp oil, wintergreen oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil


Invigorating Sugar Scrub is an exfoliating body wash/sugar scrub for more delicate skin. I don't recommend using a body scrub on the face, ever.  This scrub will help you to exfoliate dead skin cells so that your bath soak and topical pain products can absorb into the skin faster for a more immediate relief from pain. 



  • Sugar Scrub Exfoliates Your Skin
  • Helps To Give You An Even Tan 
  • Helps To Avoid or Remove Pesky Ingrown Hairs
  • Brightens And Evens Out Your Skins Texture
  • Helps To Remove Toxins
  • Sugar Body Scrub Removes Dry Bits



I recommend exfoliating with a sugar scrub after you bathe, on towel-dried skin for best results. Using your hands, massage scrub into skin with a circular motion. "Self-massage techniques have the added benefits of helping to improve circulation, tone skin, and reduce stress and anxiety." If you can't squeeze this extra step into your bathing routine, an in-shower practice is still effective. Use a quarter-sized amount of sugar scrub. I recommend exfoliating your body one to two times per week for sensitive skin, "two to three times per week for normal skin and three to four times per week for oily skin." As you massage the scrub into your skin, you'll unlock the aroma for a sweet and luxurious experience.

Ingredients: Brown sugar, olive oil, jojoba oil, black seed oil, clove, peppermint, wintergreen, lavender, Castile soap, Epsom salt

Bucket Candle

My bucket candle is just for purifying the air as you soak in the tub. Candles automatically promote relaxation. Take this candle and place it on your sink or tub, turn off the lights, and enjoy pure relaxation & healing while you fast. Always blow out your candle before leaving the bathroom so it doesn't burn away and possibly start a fire if someone knocks it over!

Ingredients:  pink Himalayan salt, tea tree oil, lemon oil, sage oil, lavender oil, frankincense oil

All-natural shea butter soap

I started using this soap myself after a tough battle with cancer. I learned all the products I was using had toxins that were harmful to my sensitive body! This soap is great to use with all my natural detox soaks to ensure your not absorbing toxicity into the bloodstream unknowingly after ridding the body of such substances. This soap can be used all over your body nothings off limits!

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