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LEVO II - Herbal Oil Infusion Machine for "A self love internal healing journey"

LEVO II - Herbal Oil Infusion Machine for "A self love internal healing journey"

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Many of my DIY recipes require an infusion of herbs, oils, and butter. Grab a Levo and invest in yourself beautiful. The store is selling us toxins to rub all over our bodies, gross!!

  • ALL-IN-ONE INFUSER: Herbal infusions are now as easy as making coffee! Whether you're a seasoned infüsiast or a beginner, innovative LEVO II lets you craft fresh, homemade herb-infused butter, oils, salad dressings, honey, baked goods & more with the touch of a button. Featuring our revolutionary mess-free dispenser design—dry, activate (aka decarboxylate), and infuse your favorite herb or botanical, transforming everyday ingredients into sensational additives ideal for cooking or baking.
  • PATENTED INFUSION PROCESS: Prevent unwanted tastes and scents from entering your small batch infusions and enhance their shelf life. The LEVO II uses patented technology, infusing all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff (like grassy-tasting chlorophyll) without aerating, adding only delectable flavor and aromas for top-quality infused creations made with your own handpicked ingredients!
  • NO MESS DISPENSER: Infused magic at your fingertips, no straining required! Press to automatically dispense your finished infusion into any container directly from the LEVO II infuser machine's mess-free dispensing system. The liquid reservoir is large enough to accommodate up to 16oz, while the basin's nonstick, Teflon-free, ceramic coating ensures you get every last herb-infused drop.
  • EASY USE & CLEAN UP: Fill the Power Pod with up to 8 grams (1/4oz) of botanicals, set it, and go. Select from one of LEVO II's precision default modes to easily infuse or custom tailor the time, temperature, and cycles you want to use with the commercial grade controls for the perfect infusion. Afterward, the infuser components are removable and top-rack dishwasher safe for easy care and cleaning!
  • BETTER WITH LEVO: Potent and long-lasting! Create better bioavailable and shelf-stable infusions at home without solvents, additives, or emulsifiers. Made with premium, food-safe materials, LEVO II infusers include everything you need to start infusing oil and butter in your own kitchen for natural and pure herbal infusions made with ingredients you trust. Experience the LEVO difference today.

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