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I am what I am Self-Love Feet Warmers

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Ladies these socks were made for keeping your circulation in line while on your self-love journey. O' and for relaxing, of course, beautiful, you enjoy them you deserve to be pampered!

Mix up some coconut oil, shea butter, lavender essential oil, and peppermint, and apply to the bottom on your feet and all around the top. Wear these socks at night to beautify your feet and remove dead skin.  These socks are going to be your best friend. 

These high-quality socks with sublimated print provide optimum comfort with style wherever one might go - a subtle accent to complement an office look or an eye-catching statement for an extravagant outfit.
NB! Dark color prints tend to make the side seams more noticeable.

  • 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • 3 different sizes
  • Ribbed tube
  • Cushioned bottoms
  • NB! Printed with flat sublimation method. The color discrepancy can be seen on the 
    Total Length, in 15.35
    Width, in 3.94
    Women's US size 8.5 - 11
    Men's US size 7 - 9.5
    side seams

Allow my self love journey to begin!!

Your worth a million compliments beautiful!

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