Fasting 4 Life Survival Box
Fasting 4 Life Survival Box
Fasting 4 Life Survival Box
Fasting 4 Life Survival Box
Fasting 4 Life Survival Box
Fasting 4 Life Survival Box
Fasting 4 Life Survival Box
Fasting 4 Life Survival Box
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Fasting 4 Life Survival Box

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Fasting 4 Life Survival Box is for people who are fasting to cure something attacking their bodies. After I fasted for 21 days to cure cancer I wrote a book about the miracles of fasting its a true superpower Our bodies are made to heal themselves we have just become a society that runs to doctors. When we are given these medications we should be aware each and every one was made in a lab. Some come from plants but then toxins are added to them creating a drug. All drugs have side effects because they may work for one issue but cause another one. At the end of the day many people are only left with recurrent appointments, a brown bag full of medications, and mental health issues.

Fasting cures so many problems western medicine could never even attempt to! This survival box is specially made for those struggling with completing a three-day fasting reboot. This box comes with my book Fasting 4 Life as well as an hour session with yours truly, me. I would love to listen to your story and help you get to feeling better finally. If you're looking for a cure, you just found it!

This box includes...
  • Nutrition Soak (only found in this box)
Nutrition Soak
This is no ordinary soak at all, this is an intervention for your way of thinking...
Just because you're not feeding food through your mouth does not mean you cannot get the benefits of vitamins and minerals in order to function at your best. In other countries, they use the "soak" method to cure diseases which I thought was fascinating, but I can not claim my product will do just that. While your fasting you're going to allow your body to soak up all the nutritional goodness in this pack without any added weight gain! The heat from the water will open up the biggest organ on your body for absorption, your skin. When you bath in products that contain unnatural ingredients it results in healthy functioning cells now becoming incapable of performing the function intended in your body! ​This bath soak is going to be the best thing you can do naturally for reversing cellular damage due to drug use, poor nutrition, disease, stress, surgeries, whatever you have done that was not natural. We come from mother earth and that is the medicine we should feed our body you know, the holistic way. I combined vitamins and minerals as well as some skin-loving ingredients that are all-natural for you to soak in & help your body to reverse cellular damage. Give yourself another chance at taking care of your blessing, your earthly gift which is your body. Use products that won't damage your already overworked skin. Don’t use products that our liver will have to work extra hard to filter out. If you soak in my mix and your body says I don’t need something it will come out via your urine. This soak will also boost your metabolism as well as your immune system.​

Directions: Sit in a bath as hot as you can tolerate to open up the pores, pour in the entire bag of bath soak. Use your fingers to break apart any clumped pieces. Use the orange slices to place over the eyes as you relax. Allow yourself to sit in the tub for 10-15 minutes. Use the shea butter soap and bucket candle also included in this box with your soak. After your bath, you will have to clean what was pulled out of your body up so don't be surprised! Some people have a little more clean-up than others.

Ingredients: oatmeal​, coconut oil, ​rose flowers​, honey​, milk powder, jojoba oil, ​vitamin E​, black seed oil​, avocado oil​, orange powder​, apple cider vinegar​, olive oil​, turmeric​, grapefruit​ oil, dried orange slices, dried lemon slices, vanilla oil, vanilla beans, ginger​, lavender​ oil, vitamin c powder​, collagen, orange oil​, sea moss​, bladderwrack​, aloe Vera gel, mineral salt​, magnesium flakes, activated charcoal​, shea butter​, almond oil​, green tea, grapeseed oil, antioxidant blend​, cocoa butter, mango butter, castile soap, ylang-ylang oil, jasmine oil, chamomile oil, rose oil, baking soda, cream of tartar, red raspberry leaves, nutritional yeast, b-complex, prebiotics

  • Shea butter soap (all-natural to wash with)
  • Bucket Candle to purify the air & promote relaxation
  • Calm Down Honey Spray
  • Relax My Love Body Butter
  • Bye Bye Pain Soak
  • Bye Bye Negative Energy Spray
  • Soy Wax Keepsake "The Body Is A Temple"
  • Bye Bye Belly Body Butter
  • Bye Bye Cravings Spray
  • One Hour One on One Zoom Session
  • VIP Podcast "Fasting 4 Life"

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