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Fasting 4 Life Prayer Journal

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Fasting without prayer is like eating a sandwich with nothing to hold the ingredients together such as bread. 

Fasting is a spiritually intimate act between you & your creator. A billion-letter code is placed in our DNA that tells our body everything to do from birth until we die. Healing begins within meaning fasting is the cure to everything including mental health issues!!

Prayer is a way to speak to the healer of your spirit one on one. It's the best relationship I've ever had, personally. If your fasting and not praying your are simply setting yourself up for a starvation diet.

I created this prayer journal to go along with my best-selling ebook Fasting 4 Life. I've had so many people request a prayer journal I figured I had to make one! I pray this journal brings you the understanding, confidence, & internal peace it was made for.


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Best selling Ebook in 2022

I never imagined how many people would read this ebook and transform their lives.

I'm talking about leaving doctors speechless after you no longer need those medications! Fasting is the cure...