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Fasting Support Manual "From Fat to Fabulous"

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Fasting Support Manual "Step 4 on a self-love journey"

This is an Ebook that you will download after purchase.

Together you & I will do a 3-day reboot fast. This book has all the questions you will ever have regarding fasting. Is it safe for you? I will teach you how to prepare your meals prior to fasting. We will discuss the side effects you may experience and what to do to overcome them. 

I will teach you how to detox while fasting to boost your weight loss efforts. You will need to do some cleaning up your life prior to trying too fast. Visceral fat is a dangerous internal fat no doctor explains. We will discuss this topic in detail, all the different fats!

After 3 days you will either continue your fast to optimize your weight loss or break your fast with a prescription smoothie. I include all the recipes you will need, and everything is explained and thoughtfully organized.

Fasting saved my life & this Ebook may be just what you have been looking for to save yours...xoxo

When you start fasting you begin a spiritual love affair between who you are now and who you will become!! This is about bettering yourself not competition. Everyone's journey from blah to self-love will be different. Depending on the amount of damage you've done to your body will determine the length of time you need to fast.

I pray this Ebook finds those who need it the most & I pray for abundant strength as you allow your body to heal internally. Welcome to the beginning of your self-love journey beautiful!!

a self love journey



I am not a doctor I am just sharing my knowledge from my own research & experience. Please make sure it's safe for you to fast if you have a physician managing your care. Sometimes natural and synthetics don't mix!

Check out the podcast that goes with this Ebook


Allow my self love journey to begin!!

Your worth a million compliments beautiful!

Self Love Series

This ebook was created to bring you awareness about the dangers of using to much plastic. Plastic toxicity is a real concern this day & age.

You are perfectly made with love

Allow your beautiful spirit to shine bright for the world to see!!

A self love journey is a series of 4 ebooks that teach women how to heal their bodies from anything attacking it. You are the Garden of Eden.

Best selling Ebook in 2022

I never imagined how many people would read this ebook and transform their lives.

I'm talking about leaving doctors speechless after you no longer need those medications! Fasting is the cure...