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Angel Fasting Support Hotline "Call on Your Angels"

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Have you called on your angels for healing? 

If you are struggling to do a spiritual fast for healing you have Angels that only need to hear their name to come to your rescue.

Many have no idea the names of the Angels or just how important they are in your life!

The body can heal itself from anything with the faith of a mustard seed. I cured a rare cancer I was told would take me from this world in 6 months' time. 

That was 4 years ago!

Today I call on my angels all the time for encouragement, healing, energy, focus, money, and so much more. Who needs friends when you have been blessed with spiritual knowledge?

Please believe in yourself or nobody will, peace and blessing to the one reading this.


Allow my self love journey to begin!!

Your worth a million compliments beautiful!

Self Love Series

This ebook was created to bring you awareness about the dangers of using to much plastic. Plastic toxicity is a real concern this day & age.

You are perfectly made with love

Allow your beautiful spirit to shine bright for the world to see!!

A self love journey is a series of 4 ebooks that teach women how to heal their bodies from anything attacking it. You are the Garden of Eden.

Best selling Ebook in 2022

I never imagined how many people would read this ebook and transform their lives.

I'm talking about leaving doctors speechless after you no longer need those medications! Fasting is the cure...