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6 Days of self-love detox

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Step 3 on a self-love journey "detox is crucial before fasting"


I understand fasting is very new to a lot of people!

I created this 6-day plan for people who are struggling to give up eating for good. You can boost your metabolism, shed millions of toxins, and improve your mood with my 6-day detox plan

I thought out everything for you as a natural health consultant I encourage the mind, body & spiritual healing in all my detox plans as well as fasting courses. 

Our kidneys have a huge workload as well as bile which holds the poison in the body. Imagine the possibilities when these two are given a break from their daily workload and instead flooded with the vitamins & nutrients they need to work properly!

I have included some great recipes to cleanse the colon as well.

Imagine you are sick and then you do a 6-day detox to remove fecal matter sitting on the colon wall for a decade! Well, that is exactly what is going to happen in this 6-day plan!!

Happy Detoxing My Loves!

a self love journey

Allow my self love journey to begin!!

Your worth a million compliments beautiful!

Self Love Series

This ebook was created to bring you awareness about the dangers of using to much plastic. Plastic toxicity is a real concern this day & age.

You are perfectly made with love

Allow your beautiful spirit to shine bright for the world to see!!

A self love journey is a series of 4 ebooks that teach women how to heal their bodies from anything attacking it. You are the Garden of Eden.

Best selling Ebook in 2022

I never imagined how many people would read this ebook and transform their lives.

I'm talking about leaving doctors speechless after you no longer need those medications! Fasting is the cure...